AH10: Greater Area Reykjavik Sightseeing | 2-3 hours
Price: DKK 360

This tour includes the most significant places in the capital, including Bessastadir, Hafnarfjordur, Perlan and Hallgrim's' Church. We also visit the Icelandic Parliament and Höfði house, where the historic summit between former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former U.S.S.R. Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev took place in 1986.

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AH12: Golden Circle Classic | 8 1/2 hours
Price: DKK 550

This tour takes you to Þingvellir National Park, site of the first Viking parliament and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We continue to some of Iceland's greatest natural attractions: Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysir hot spring area. Lunch can be bought in Gullfoss Cafe or at the Information centre at Geysir. We return to Reykjavik via a stop at the ancient church of Skálholt.

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AH15: Iceland from below | 3 hours
Price: DKK 610

Experience a unique subterranean tour of Iceland into colourful lava caves and craters of an ancient volcano. The caves are in many places high and wide with a fairly even floor but some crawling, squeezing and crouching may be necessary to get the full experience.

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AH30: South Coast & Thorsmörk Nature Reserve | 10 hours
Price: DKK 1210

This tour is a must for nature lovers and hikers. We drive towards Selfoss town and then to Seljalandsfoss waterfall before arriving at Þórsmörk; a nature reserve shielded on three sides by glaciers and mountains. We stop for one hour and lunch here (which you can bring or buy during a stop in Hvolsvöllur). On our way back we stop at Stakkholtsgjá for a one-hour hike to the end of the gorge.

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AH32: Landmannalaugar | 10 hours
Price: DKK 1210

Landmannalaugar is often referred to as “The Pearl of the Central Highlands”. We journey through Southern Iceland and into the highlands through Þjórsárdalur valley and visit Hjálparfoss waterfall. In Landmannalaugar you can enjoy a relaxing bath in a natural warm pool - remember to bring towel and swim suit! Alternatively take a leisurely hike in the area. The tour also passes the infamous volcano, Hekla.

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AH36: Vestmanna - the Pompeji of the North | 12 hours
Price: DKK 1570

Visit the Vestmannaeyjar Islands; a small volcanic archipelago south of Iceland and explore its spectacular nature and haunting history. In 1973 a volcanic eruption destroyed almost 1/3 of all buildings on Heimaey. We visit the crater of the volcano as well as a puffin nesting area. Later we join a boat cruise to the colourful ocean caves. Lunch is not included in the tour but can be bought on the island.

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AH67: Inside the Glacier | 10-11 hours
Price: DKK 1660

This guided tour takes you to Langjökull glacier for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure deep inside the glacier in some of the world’s largest man-made ice caverns. The caverns are composed of an extensive system of tunnels and chambers that stretch close to 300 metres into the solid ice cap towards a breathtaking natural ice cave at the heart of the glacier.

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NF01: Inside the volcano by helicopter | 1 1/2 - 2 hours
Price: DKK 5500

Explore the heart of Þríhnúkagígur volcano - the only place on earth where you can enter a magma chamber! Since it's in the middle of nowhere, we offer a straight flight from Reykjavík to save you the one-hour drive and almost two-hours walk over the lava field to the volcano. A unique Arctic Adventure! Transfer to/from the heliport is included.

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BL01: Blue Lagoon | Day visit
Price: DKK 720

Enjoy all the qualities the Blue Lagoon has to offer! The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal spa situated in the youngest lava field in West Iceland. The tour includes transfer and entrance to the Blue Lagoon - don't forget your swim suit!

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EL1: Whale watching from Reykjavik Old Harbour | 2-3 hours
Price: DKK 660

The tour commences in the Old Harbour in downtown Reykjavik. Our guide will meet you in the Whale Watching Centre, where you can see a multimedia show about the whales and marine life. Summer season is great for whale watching, giving us the chance to enjoy and understand these mighty creatures in their natural environment.

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KUL1RKV: 1 Day excursion to Kulusuk | 1 day
Price: On request

Less than 2 hours flight from Reykjavik you'll find Kulusuk on the Greenlandic East coast. During a 4-hour stop in Kulusuk you will see huge glaciers and floating icebergs. The small settlement is an excellent introduction to the way of life in a settlement in the Ammassalik area. Tour includes flight and guide service. No meals included.

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