NU1: City tour of Nuuk incl. museum | 2 hours / grade 1
Price: DKK 500

We go to the Colonial Harbour, where we visit the National Museum. Here the guide will show us the famous Qilakitsoq mummies, the national costume and the qajaq. We also visit Our Saviour's Church built in 1849. During the tour we will see the Parliament, and the Atlantic harbour, which is usually full of life. The tour ends at Katuaq, the cultural centre of the town. Price includes transfers if needed.

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NU2: Nuuk Fjord Safari | 4 hours / grade 2
Price: DKK 1000

This tour is for travelers curious about the vast Greenlandic habitat. Nuuk Fjord serves a healthy pantry for local population as the fishing and hunting in the area is very good. Eagles are known to nest in the region every other year or so. The safari gives you a chance to encounter some of our wildlife and get a feel of the everyday life of the local fishermen and hunters. Minimum 3 pax.

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NU3: Kapisillit Visit & Icefjord Hike | 7 hours / grade 3
Price: DKK 2000

This tour is for travelers who love the wind in their faces, the salty spray of the sea, and who don’t mind a bit of hiking. We start by sailing 2.5 hours into the eastern part of Nuuk Fjord. We land near the settlement of Kapisillit and hike for approx. 45 min up to the plateau overlooking the Icefjord. There will also be time to visit Kapisillit - the last permanent settlement in the Nuuk region - and meet one of the local families.

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NU5: Home Visit | 2 hours
Price: DKK 400

Come join a local family for a cup of coffee. The Greenlanders are famous for welcoming visitors into their homes, inviting everyone over for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The latest gossip is shared and it will also be possible to see the national costume and learn about life so very isolated from the rest of the world. Transfer to/from the host family included.

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NU7: Qooqqut Nuan Cruise Only | 5.5 Hours / Grade 2
Price: DKK1300

About 50 km from Nuuk you can find beautiful Qooqqut. A one hour boat trip takes you to the small fiord of Qooqqut which lies protected by high mountains. Qooqqut used to be a sheep breeding station and the old buildings has now been restored and turned into a high quality restaurant. Scattered around the restaurant is a number of huts which are available to guests. There are great possibilities for hiking in the valley or in the surrounding mountains.

NU8: Qooqqut Nuan - Cruise & Dinner | 5.5 hours / Grade 2
Price: DKK 1800

A one hour boat trip takes you to the small fiord of Qooqqut which lies protected by high mountains. Here you find the restaurant Qooqqut nuan in the most beautiful settings. Before going ashore we spend some time catching fish (approx. 20 min.) to be cooked for your included dinner. Qooqqut used to be a sheep breeding station and the old buildings has now been restored and turned into a restaurant. The nearby river has good Arctic Char fishing and in the fjord there is an abundance of cod and redfish.

NU9: Summer Hike around Quassassuaq | DKK 1600 /Grade 3
Price: DKK 5 hours

The hike starts in the backyard of Qinngorput, the third and newest part of Nuuk. It is a trip that visitors and locals love to hike. Although the route is so close to the city, you still feel that you are far from the civilization as you are surrounded by mountains, nature and fauna. The highlight of the tour is reaching one of the high peaks of Quassussuaq, where we enjoy the view of the fjord system and the trademark of Nuuk, Sermitsiaq Mountain.

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