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B6CPH: South Greenland Explorer / 6 days
Departures from Copenhagen

Experience the youngest village in Greenland, Narsaq with its colourful houses. Then travel to Narsarsuaq which is teeming with adventures; from hikes to the Inland Ice Cap to remains from both the Inuit and Viking settlers that once lived in the area. Parts of the region was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2017.

South Greenland

South Greenland is often overlooked by visitors travelling to Greenland - and it is a real shame. The area has so many Arctic experiences to offer: From iceberg-filled fjords to dramatic glaciers, not to mention archaeological remains from the Inuit and Viking settlers.


Narsarsuaq is the gateway to South Greenland. Meaning ‘great plain’ in Greenlandic, it is today the site of a small international airport.
Formerly a US airbase it is now a small settlement which is largely preoccupied working for the local tourism industry – primarily at the hotel and the airport. The area is offering a huge diversity of experiences from iceberg cruises, to hikes in a nearby valley or to the Inland Ice Cap. The area around Narsarsuaq is also Viking Country and there are numerous ancient remains from these first Europeans on the American continent.


Narsaq (meaning The Plain in Greenlandic) is a charming town known for its colourful wooden houses, where modern living is mixed with ancient traditions. It is the youngest town in Greenland, founded as late as in 1959. 

It is an area of great geological and historic interest; several interesting minerals can be found only a short hike from the town in the Kvanefjæld area as well as the Viking ruins of Dyrnæs and the Landnamsgård which are among the oldest Norsemen ruins found in South Greenland dating back to AD 1000.

The history of the Norsemen is on display at the museum, and a local rock picker has created his own exhibit about minerals and rocks, including the rare mineral, Tugtupit which so far has only been found in very few places worldwide. The mountain known as Qaqqarsuaq behind the town contains coveted minerals and attracts many rock pickers and others who have an interest in geology.


Air Greenland morning flight from Copenhagen Airport to Narsarsuaq. Your Arctic Adventure guide will be waiting for you in the airport and will assist with the transfer to the hotel. After check-in, an information meeting will be held, followed by a guided walk around Narsarsuaq.

Celebrate your arrival in Greenland with dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Included meals: 2-course dinner
Accommodation: Hotel Narsarsuaq


Transfer to the pier and by boat to Narsaq where an Arctic Adventure guide will be waiting for you. Transfer to the hotel for check-in followed by an information meeting. In the afternoon your guide will take you on a city walk of the town. 

Included meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel Narsaq

Saturday and Sunday

Breakfast at the hotel. Days at leisure in Narsaq. Your Arctic Adventure guide will recommend optional excursions in the area.

Included meals: Breakfast (and 3-course dinner Sunday night)
Accommodation: Hotel Narsaq


Breakfast at the hotel. Farewell coffee with your guide before you return to Narsarsuaq Airport by helicopter! Flying in low altitude over the magnificent Arctic landscape, this is a memorable way to end your trip!

NB! on certain days, if there is no helicopter availability, the transfer Narsaq-Narsarsuaq will be by boat!

Included meals: Breakfast 
Accommodation: Hotel Narsarsuaq


Breakfast at the hotel. 

Air Greenland midday flight from Narsarsuaq to Copenhagen Airport.

Included meals: Breakfast

Hotel Narsarsuaq

Hotel Narsaq has no website.

This tour can be extended with:

Arctic Upgrade: Qaqortoq; Town of Contrasts

Route map


  • 2019: Guaranteed departures from Copenhagen every Thursday from Mid-June to early September


  • Return flights incl. all taxes
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation with private facilties and breakfast
  • 2 dinners
  • Arctic Adventure destination guides
  • Narsarsuaq guided walk
  • Narsaq guided city walk
  • Welcome and farewell meeting with your guide

Not Included

  • Travel insurance

Trip sheet

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