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The Arctic Adventure Concept

Arctic Adventure has been handling shore excursions for cruise liners of all sizes in the North Atlantic and Arctic regions for years. With more than 30 years of know-how, field experience and our unique guide service, we can organize unforgettable experiences for your guests on board.

The Greenland Cruise Reality

As a professional tour operator, Arctic Adventure offers unique tailor-made arrangements for shore excursions for major cruise liners.

For many travellers, cruising in the Arctic region is a dream come true and as such, expectations are high not just concerning the vessel used but also in regards to the adventures that the traveller is hoping and wanting to experience.

Sightseeing from the sea

The biggest attraction in Greenland is without a doubt the Arctic nature, and navigating between the icebergs or in front of the glaciers are unforgettable experiences which no one should miss.

In order to ensure your cruise clients is getting the most out of the experience, Arctic Adventure will always recommend using the services of an ice pilot, which can be hired through the local shipping lines or at Greenland Pilot Service link: www.gps.gl

Cruising is also about shore excursions

Once the tourist goes ashore, a number of memorable experiences await; South Greenland is famous for its many Viking remains, which are easily accessible. Other archaeological finds from various Inuit periods can also be seen in both South and West Greenland.

The two main airports in Greenland (Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq) are part of American military heritage (both originally being established as US Airbases).

From a cultural point of view, the Greenlandic towns and settlements you visit show how modern day life links seamlessly with ancient traditions. One example is the local fish market ‘Brættet’ where skilled local fishermen and hunters still bring the catch every day to be sold. Many of the towns also have charming museums presenting the history of the area through paintings, pictures and archaeological artifacts.

In many ports we can organise folklore shows including e.g. kayak demonstrations, folk dancing and choir singing all performed by local enthusiasts. If space on board permits, the artists can be brought onto the cruise ship to perform, and the highly skilled local hunters can showcase their kayaking prowess in the waters around the vessel allowing passengers to watch from the deck.

But where’s the coach?

Distances ashore are usually very short as the towns are quite small which can lead to issues in regards to shore calls. As local buses and organised sightseeing options are often in short supply - not to mention the lack of local guides speaking foreign languages - it is vital to plan any port calls well in advance and make sure your ground handler has the expertise to ensure a smooth visit for you and your cruise client.

Arctic Adventure Cruise Concept

In order to address the difficulties that cruise ships can experience in Greenland, we have developed the Arctic Adventure Cruise Concept, which offers a complete ground handling service to the cruise operator – from on-board guide service, all activities ashore, transport options (where available) down to distribution of maps to your passengers before each call.

The Arctic Adventure Cruise Concept

The core of our concept is to offer you – the cruise ship operator – complete peace of mind. You only have to deal with one company (which happens to have more than 30 years’ experience in cruise ship handling in the North Atlantic).

Arctic Adventure Guides

This is the most important part of our service; we are famous for our first class guide service. All our guides speak at least one foreign language and have been educated to know everything there is to know about Greenland.

Our guide(s) will board the ship in the last harbour you dock in before entering Greenland waters and will stay on board during the entire sailing in Greenland, disembarking in the last Greenland harbour in your itinerary.

On the way to Greenland, the guides will offer lectures on subjects relating to Greenland such as:

  • Colour slide presentation of the cruise/the ports of call.
  • The Inland Ice Cap and the icebergs.
  • Greenland in the Viking period.
  • Contemporary Greenland – a modern society in the Arctic.

When sailing in Greenland waters, our guide(s) will offer daily sessions including:

  • Introduction to the next port. 
  • Round-table meeting where passengers can meet the guides to ask questions, study maps etc.

In this way we prepare the passengers for a great shore experience and allow them to develop their own views on and interests in Greenlandic issues.

During port calls

In smaller settlements where organised sightseeing isn’t possible, we will invite passengers to walk around individually (maps of the settlement will be given to all passengers before arrival) and we will furthermore have guides (helpers) situated at central points in the village – ready to answer questions, help with directions etc.

In larger towns where it is possible to operate a programme of excursions, we will of course have them as an integral part of a cruise program.

Route map


  • On request


  • All services agreed on in our tailor-made offer, designed especially to meet your needs and requirements for your vessel and cruise itinerary.

Not Included

  • Anything specified as not included in your tailor-made offer.

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