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TOW1: Old Torshavn and Kirkjubøur | 3.5 hrs / grade 1
Price: DKK 558

Guided walk around the old part of Torshavn followed by a coach tour to Kirkjubøur. We visit Magnus Cathedral dating back to the 1300s and St. Olaf's Church before enjoying hot drinks and pastries in the world's oldest inhabited wooden house Roykstovan. Departure from Torshavn Bus Terminal. Available Tuesdays from 01Sep to 01May.

TOW2: Atmospheric Gjogv | 3,5 hours / grade 1
Price: DKK 585

Guided coach trip to the tiny village of Gjogv in the north-eastern part of the Faroes. Gjogv is a picturesque and tranquil place; perfect for leisurely strolls and dramatic views of the North Atlantic Available Monday 01SEP-01MAY. Departure from Torshavn Bus Terminal.

TOW3: Northern Isles Day Trip | 7 hours / grade 1
Price: DKK 1002

This day trip takes you all the way to Vidareidi, the northern-most village in the Faroes. Visits will also include Klaksvik 'the fishing capital' of the Faroe Islands as well as the small villages Saksun and Tjørnuvik. There will be many photo opportunities along the way. Departures from Torshavn Bus Terminal. Available Sundays from 01SEP to 01MAY.

TOW4: Knitware and Old Villages | 6 hours / grade 1
Price: DKK 789

This tour includes a visit to the famous wool company Navia's shop in Toftir. There will be plenty of photo stops during the tour as well as visits to Klaksvik and the old village Gøta. Departures from Torshavn Bus Terminal. Available on Wednesdays from 01SEP to 01MAY.

TOW5: Viking Ruins and remote Settlements | 3,5 hours / grade 1
Price: DKK 572

Drive via the old mountain road to the village of Kvivik, where we stop to inspect the old Viking excavations. There will also be time to visit Hvalvik and its wooden church (the oldest in the Faroes) as well as the unspoiled village of Saksun. Departures from Torshavn Bus Terminal. Available every Thursday from 01SEP to 01MAY.

TOW6: Afternoon Tour to Gasadalur | Approx. 3,5 hrs / grade 1
Price: DKK 655

Gasadalur is located on the western side of Vagar Island and offers magnificent views of the North Atlantic as well as the island of Mykines. Hear the story about how this village was only accessible via a steep mountain track until early in this millennium. Departures from Torshavn Bus Station. Available on Fridays from 01SEP to 01MAY.

TOW7: Afternoon tour to Toftir and Nordagøta | 5 hours / grade 1
Price: DKK 744

This tour includes plenty of photo stops to give you the best memories from the Faroe Islands. We pass the old whaling station in Áir before continuing to Toftir, where we visit the beautiful Fridrik Church. In search of more photo opportunities we travel to the old village of Gøta before returning to Torshavn. Runs every Saturday from 01SEP to 01MAY.

PTO1: Private City tour of Torshavn | 3 hours / grade 1
Price: DKK 935

Join our private driver-guide on this tour around the capital of Torshavn. We begin by driving past noteworthy landmarks and continue to the newer parts of town. Afterwards we take a walk in the old part of town. Available daily. Minimum 2 pax.

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PTO3: Private evening Tour to Mount Sornfelli | 2 hrs /grade 1
Price: DKK 625

From your hotel in Tórshavn, a private driver-guide will take you over the mountain road "Oyggjarvegin" to the top of Sornfelli (749m above sea level), where the view across the island is breathtaking. Return to Torshavn along the coast. Daily departures.

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PTO4: Private Sandoy & Kirkjubøur Explorer | 8-9 hrs / grade 1
Price: DKK 3400

Tour w private car/ guide. Travel by ferry to the beautiful island of Sandoy, where traditional Faroese lifestyle can still be experienced. Continue to the old cultural centre of Kirkjubøur, where we see the 900-year-old turf-roofed farmhouse Roykstoven and the oldest Faroese church, St Olav’s Church from AD 1111. The tour includes lunch. Available daily. Minimum 2 pax.

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PTO5: Private Northern Eystoroy Explorer | 5-6 hrs / grade 1
Price: DKK 2100

Great tour with your own car and private drive-guide. Visit the old whaling station Áir and the villages of Gjógv and Funning. The stone formations 'The Giant and the Hag' (Risin & Kellingin) are a spectacular viewpoint from Eidi. Visit to Saksun - a small village surrounded by high mountains in a beautiful setting. The tour includes lunch. Available daily.

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PTO6: Private Northern Faroe Islands Tour | 7-8 hrs / grade 1
Price: DKK 2800

Full day trip with private car and driver-guide to the northern islands and the opportunity to experience several islands. Along the route we will see the ancient Viking settlements at Leirvík, King Christian's church in Klaksvík and a wool shop. The tour includes lunch. Available daily.

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