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Mysterious, isolated, and unexplored, Greenland stands calmly on the edge of the world. The wild nature, unique landscape and well-preserved Inuit culture make Greenland distinguished from other parts of the world. Greenland is not merely a destination, it is a dream, an escape from the reality, and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Planning a trip to Greenland can be challenging, but the pictures make it easier.

Through the amazing pictures of Greenland, people, maybe for the first time, “see” the gigantic icebergs, “spot” the whales, and “experience” northern lights. Those great photographers have captured every unique beauty and every gentle breath of Greenland through the cameras and bring Greenland closer to those who want to explore the Arctic.

Through those amazing pictures, Greenland reveals its mysteries and flourish its special charms.

A big thank you to
related photographers and resources

Here, Arctic Adventures would like to thank AA guides and staff for taking amazing pictures during the tours and excursions to Greenland. Also, we would like to give special thanks to Visit Greenland and the amazing photographers working with them to capture the beauty of Greenland through their lenses.

Arctic Adventure ApS believes that any forms of intellectual property should be respected and protected. Thus, here you can find the credit information of images, pictures and videos used on our homepage.

For the cover picture of the homepage. Credit to Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

For pictures of each single excursions, multi-day tours, destinations, attractions, and posts under other sections, you can find the photographers and/or the resource under the pictures in the contents, if they are from resources external to Arctic Adventure ApS.

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Pictures and videos may bring Greenland to you, but Arctic Adventure ApS will bring you to Greenland. If you have been to Greenland and would like to share pictures and videos taken during your amazing trip, you can tag us through #ArcticAdventure and #journeysworthtaking on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Let’s share our experiences and make journeys worth taking.

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