Steady, safe and swift, the 4WD vehicle can take you to remote places to enjoy mind-blowing adventures.

4WD vehicle has gained its popularity in Greenland in recent years based on its mobility and adaptiveness to different types of terrains. With its huge and non-skid tyres, you can conquer winding roads, dirt tracks, and roller-coaster mountain tracks – which is challenging for other transportation. Sitting on the 4WD vehicle, you can explore more about Greenland and witness the changes in the surroundings – from lively city to vast plains, from mountainous area to open ocean view. 4WD vehicles are embedded in some of our popular and highly demanded tours. Find more tours about 4WD vehicle below!

Cover picture credit to Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland
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Tundra Safari in Kangerlussuaq (K3w)
Feb - Nov
1.5 hrs
DKK 275
Russell Glacier Adventure in Kangerlussuaq (K7w)
Feb - Nov
4 hrs
DKK 650
Excursion to Icecap Point 660 in Kangerlussuaq (K2w)
Year Round
5 hrs
DKK 650

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