Boat Tours in Greenland
Sailing out into the ocean and escape from the busyness of life does sound dreamy. Boat tours in Greenland offer you a sense of freedom and is a refreshing experience. Surrounded by the ocean, the boat is the main type of transport for Greenlanders. But it is not just a way of transportation. With limited habitable land area, the Greenlanders make full use of boats to explore a broader world at sea – northern lights, midnight sun, icebergs, ice fjords, and plenty of wildlife – this new world is adventurous and full of surprise. Below you can find more information about Boat tours in Greenland. Boat tours are available in most towns in Greenland throughout the year if the sea is not frozen. Northern lights in winter and midnight sun in summer, you can enjoy different natural wonders in different seasons. Fishing in the sea is another special activity boat tours can offer. Boat tours can be conducted in open boats or closed boats. The maximum number of participants and duration of tours can be found in each tour description. However, the weather can be changeable sometimes, and it will influence the availability of boat tours. Cover Picture credit to Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland
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